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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Welcome to Scout Dads

Welcome to Scout Dads

A letter written by Mr. Matt Jordan on January 22, 2019 regarding his time spent with his two sons in Troop 48.

Just wanted to take a minute and share some thoughts on Jack’s time with Troop 48.
I am sad he did not make Eagle, but I also do not believe this time has been a waste. He has truly matured during this time and has learned many valuable lessons. These lessons are things I believe will be invaluable to him throughout his life. Troop 48 is not an Eagle factory, but a place where your son can learn how to be a man and a better person and that’s exactly what happened with Jack. You and the other leaders of Troop 48 are some of the finest men I have ever known. Not sure how many parents realize this, but they are quite fortunate to have these men mentoring their boys.
It’s been fun, interesting, and many times frustrating to watch Jack during these years. When we 1st joined, Jack was totally against it and because of this I waited until he was 12 before forcing him to join. In hindsight, this was a mistake. That extra year might have been the difference in earning Eagle. Once we did join, he was not a happy camper and would have quit many times if I had allowed, but I forced him to stick with it and really, over the last 2 years are when he started to realize this was a good thing. So glad we didn’t quit, because his maturity growth over these last years has been incredible. He’s still probably not the greatest Scout you ever had, but in my opinion he is one of our troop’s greatest success stories. No, he did not get Eagle, but he did get a ton out of this experience.
I have also learned from this time and there are some things I would do differently. I would have been more involved early on. Being around the troop more, you become aware of advancement opportunities and merit badge classes. Earning more merit badges early would have helped Jack greatly. Not sure most parents realize how important their involvement is to their son’s advancement, but I think by just being around at meetings & campouts encourages the boys to do more. I now preach this when speaking with new dads.
One last thing. I will be forever grateful for the quality time Scouting and Troop 48 have allowed me to spend with my boys. Most fathers will never get to spend as much time with their boys as I have. Not sure how many trips we have shared, but it’s been a bunch. We’ve canoed rivers & lakes, hiked & slept on the top of a mountain, fished & snorkeled a reef, slept on an island in the Florida Keys, white water rafted, and so much more. So many awesome memories we (all) will treasure forever.
Thanks for all of your efforts and all you continue to do!!! Looking forward to more adventures with you and Troop 48.