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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Photo Gallery: Tishomingo S.P. - Apr. 2012
Tishomingo S.P. - Apr. 2012
The Participants
Minus Edgar, Mark and Daniel.
Viewed 1831 times
Michael leading vespers
Viewed 1948 times
Our acting S.P.L.
Viewed 2005 times
Waiting for vespers to begin
Viewed 2023 times
Viewed 2008 times
Our campsite on the lake
Viewed 1990 times
Davy Crockett patrol
Viewed 1990 times
Eagle patrol
Viewed 1895 times
Tiger patrol
Viewed 1980 times
Alex leading his patrol in making a cobbler
Viewed 2003 times
Jonas cooking pork chops
Viewed 1942 times
Viewed 1950 times
Colin and Jonas
Their first trip.
Viewed 1934 times
By Native American fishing weir
Viewed 1927 times
The hikers at the pioneer cabin
Viewed 1881 times
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