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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Photo Gallery: Camp Yocona - Feb. 2012
Camp Yocona - Feb. 2012
The Participants.
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Mr. Snyder placing a non-monetary offering.
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Mr. Provine reading some verses.
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Mr. Moore leading vespers.
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Davy Crokett patrol celebrating their quick cleanup.
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Mr. Ralph cooking the adults' breakfast
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After dawn
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Alex completing his 1st Class Cooking requirements.
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Kyle R. getting the fire going on Sunday. (Temp. of 20 degrees F.)
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Kyle D. having a good time
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The moon setting
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The adults' chocolate upside down pineapple cake
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Davy Crockett patrol learning their lashings
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Kyle D. and the Over the Creek event
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Mitchell and the Over the Creek event
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