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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Photo Gallery: Edgar Braxton Provine III
Edgar Braxton Provine III
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2011 Justin Scobey Eagle Project Group Pic
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Justin Scobey Eagle Project
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2011 Justin Scobey Eagle Project
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1963 Ed Provine in Jackie Roberts Wedding
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1970~ Conservation Project at Moore Woods

Ed Provine with Marty Moore (red shirt)

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Order of the Arrow Tap Out - Ed Provine

Also pictured being tapped out for OA membership is Bill Mueller and Vernon Pennington



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Ed Provine's 81st Birthday
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2019 Ed Provine at Camp Currier
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Ed placing flag at grave of T-48 Scout Steele Guthrie
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Michael Rook, CHC Award (with BWMoore and Ed Provine
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