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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Big Hill Pond Campout Article by Troop 48 Scout Webmaster
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Big Hill Pond Article

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Big Hill Pond Campout Article by Troop 48 Scout Webmaster

Posted on Tue, Jan 31, 2023

January Troop 48 campout- Big Hill Pond

By Miller Utterback

An occasional destination for the troop- though not often in the extreme cold- is Big Hill pond, an isolated state park with several trails which make it ideal for backpacking. Fortunately for the (very cold) troop, this was not a backpacking trip, and scouts had the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and various activities available. Once we reached the park, we realized that we would not have access to water at our campsite, which prompted us to fill several water jugs at the nearby bathhouse, which was equipped with water spigots. As the temperature dropped, scouts raced to set up the campsite, most forgoing the fire for a warm sleeping bag.

The next morning, Anh, who was working on cooking merit badge, began, well, cooking, which took up a substantial amount of time, as always. After breakfast was finished, and cleaned, scouts hiked to the pond and hill for which Big hill pond is named, and, as the weather warmed, played football. This lasted until around 3:00, at which point the troop was forced to return to the campsite and begin making lunch, which consisted of hamburgers and fries. Without much time until dinner preparations began, the troop spent time playing ‘exploding kittens’ and generally attempting to stay warm around an early campfire. Some scouts also set up an ax yard, and completed totin’ chip requirements.

Dinner, which was the most intensive meal, consisted of fried rice and sauteed chicken, a first for troop 48. All were impressed and enjoyed the meal. Afterward, scouts cleaned and generally made preparations to leave the next morning, before going to sleep after a campfire. The next morning, several delays kept us from departing on time, but eventually, we were able to leave. We cleaned coolers and emptied the trailer at the church before going to our respective homes.

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