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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
D.C. Summer Adventure Article by Troop 48 Scout Webmaster
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D.C. Summer Adventure Article

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D.C. Summer Adventure Article by Troop 48 Scout Webmaster

Posted on Fri, Oct 14, 2022

D.C. Summer Adventure

We left Faith Presbyterian Church at around 9:00 A.M. on Thursday, July
14th, and began a six hour car trip to Kingsport Tennessee, where we would be
meeting another, alternate Troop 48 and staying at their chartered church. The
drive as a whole went fairly well, and when we reached the church, we were met
with a sign saying: “Welcome Troop 48,” which we assumed was intended for us,
and not the alternate Troop 48. We were also met by several members of their
troop who helped us unload our van and showed us around the church. The
hospitality they showed was surprising and gratifying, and this only increased
when we saw they had left us several food items for that night, as well as for
breakfast the next day. After a game of basketball in the church gym, we went to
bed, rising at 5:30 the next morning to eat and load the van again.

The trip that would take us to D.C proper was a bit more interesting, and
we stopped at Shenandoah Valley National Park to see the various sites the
mountainous area of Virginia had to offer. After stopping at the gift shop and an
overlook, where we saw a vast view of mountains and forests, we drove on,
pausing at another rest stop along the way before finally reaching Washington
D.C. Our first glimpse of the Potomac river was amazing, and when we reached
the hostel within a church in D.C, we claimed our various bunks, before departing
to find a place where we could eat dinner. We found a pizza restaurant that
would, we found, be helpful later.

After getting considerably more sleep than we had the previous night, we
ate a breakfast of muffins, danishes, cereal, and bacon, and walked to a metro
station where we boarded a train for Arlington National Cemetery. There, we saw
the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and saw the
thousands of graves that provided an honored final resting place for many
military veterans. After leaving the cemetery and eating lunch, we toured the
navy memorial and the washington monument, where we took an elevator to the
top and were able to see incredible views of the city. We were also able to tour
the World War II memorial, the Korean War memorial, the Vietnam veterans
memorial, and the Lincoln memorial. Walking from the Lincoln Memorial, which
had provided shelter from the sun inside its cool stone confines, we were caught
in a sudden torrential downpour that forced us back into the memorial where the
city before us was obscured by the rain. After this was over, we ate dinner at
Shake Shack and walked back to the hostel, in anticipation of the next day.

On Sunday, we had breakfast at Lincoln’s Waffle shop, across from Ford's
theater, which would be the main focus for the day. We toured the interior, and
were given an overview of the fateful night of Lincoln’s assassination in the main,
remodeled theater. After eating lunch, we toured the holocaust museam, which
was interesting and moving. An integral part of the experience involves each
museum-goer receiving a card that details the life and experience of a holocaust
victim. We then walked to the Museum of African-American history, where we
had an interesting self-guided tour. From there, we walked to East Potomac mini
golf, where we had an enjoyable respite from walking. William won with less than
sixty putts in total. From there, we walked to another Shake Shack, and split for
dessert, some getting bubble tea, and others buying milkshakes. From there, we
took the metro to the hostel.

On Monday, we toured the national archives, where we saw the original
documents that founded America, a concept that was incredible. We also had a
fantastic tour of the capitol with an intern who worked with our representative,
David Kustoff, who we had an opportunity to take a troop picture with. We saw
the rotunda, one of the more remarkable parts of the capitol, holding endlessly
detailed paintings. We then ate lunch at a sandwich shop in the capitol and went
to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, which houses the remarkable
hope diamond. After dinner, we once again departed for the Steinbruck hostel.

The next morning, we toured the Smithsonian museum of American
History, and were able to see various inventions that America was instrumental in
creating, including certain types of cars, and businesses that helped build the
American economy. After this, we went to Smashburger for lunch, and from
there, took a troop picture at the Jefferson memorial.

The next day, we drove to the national Air and space museum, and were
able to see the myriad aircraft there, all rich with history. All of this formed an
unforgettable trip, and one that formed memories that will be looked back on

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