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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
I didn't know my cousin was in Troop 48!
Pictured with me are Perry, center, with my brother and Troop 48 Eagle, Glenn.
Pictured with me are Perry, center, with my brother and Troop 48 Eagle, Glenn.
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I didn't know my cousin was in Troop 48!

Posted on Sun, Apr 12, 2015

Instead of making it to the 2015 Eastern District Camporee this year, I, along with our family, were suffering from the sudden loss of one of our dear cousin's. Such events change personal plans, and rightfully should. We grieve together and support one another. It's also a time to catch up on each other's lives. As families spread out across the country, the death of a loved one seems to bring us back together.

Perry Smith  has the honor of being the "oldest" first cousin to my generation on the "Moore/Smith" side of the family. (Perry's mother was my dad's older sister).  It was Perry's younger brother, Ricke, who sadly departed this life way too soon while enjoying a round of golf. Perry and Ricke's twin brother, Micke, and their wives headed up to Memphis from Dallas, TX for the family gathering and home-going for Ricke.

Perry and I spent some time catching up on "war stories". Not the battlefield type, but health. As it turns out, he and I had the same illness and surgery at the same time last year! Then our conversation shifted and he was telling me about living on Preston in South Memphis back in the late 40 and early 50's. As we discussed Scouts, he mentioned being in a Scout Troop at a church on McLemore, which obviously peeked my interest a bit more. He couldn't remember the Troop # he was in. I mentioned it could have been "48". He didn't know, but said he remembered the "Church" brothers very well and that Lloyd was his Scoutmaster. I asked if he knew some Southside folks like Ed Provine and he said, "Yes, he was the blonde haired kid"! I believe this was an accurate memory!

Well, needless to say, I found out my cousin Perry was a fellow Troop 48 Scout and sure enough, he is on our alumni list, having joined about the same time as Mr. Provine!  Sometime later, he and his family moved to a new neighborhood on Waring Rd (just south of Macon) and he and his brothers all graduated from Treadwell. Unfortunately, Perry's time in the Troop was cut short.

I wonder who else might be on that alumni list that Mike Collins and Ed Provine spend so much time assembling? Who knows, we all might find someone we know or even a family member if we take time to open it up. It's right there on the header of our Troop website "Alumni of the Troop".  

When you look at it, you'll find that well over 1,150 Scouts have made up Troop 48 in its 85 years. All these Scouts have been through the same investiture and have contributed to the legacy that reaches back over 85 years and thankfully, continues to this day! 

I am grateful I was able to make a connection to the Troop by way of my cousin Perry this past weekend even though he was grieving over the loss of his younger brother and me, my cousin. May God bless Ricke, his family and children.

Pictured with me are Perry, center, and my brother, Troop 48 Eagle, Glenn.

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