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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Troop 48 Update - 4/13/18
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Troop 48 Update - 4/13/18

Posted on Sun, Apr 15, 2018

There is no Troop Meeting at the church next Tuesday, April 17 – come to the swim check instead.


Be Prepared - Just a reminder for Camporee this weekend, be sure to bring your individual Scout items (see Mr. Hormberg’s trip plan email for the list) and patrol items assigned to you by your patrol leader. Be sure to bring rain gear and warmer clothing because rain and a significant temperature drop are in the weekend weather forecast.


BSA Swim Check at Germantown Athletic Club – April 17 (No Regular Troop Meeting)

All Scouts and Dads need to pass the BSA Swim Check annually and qualify as a “BSA Swimmer” to participate in water activities with the Troop, such as canoeing, swimming or water sports. Our May campout is canoeing, so you must be a BSA Swimmer to go on that trip.  Our Swim Check will be held on Tuesday night, April 17th  at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM at Germantown Athletic Club (GAC), 1801 Exeter Road, Germantown, instead of our regular Troop meeting. If you haven’t been swimming in a while, it would be good to get some practice in now. Five aquatics requirements can be completed that night as well. Scouts who have not earned Second Class requirements 5b , 5c and 5d and First Class requirement 6a and 6e can learn, demonstrate and have them signed-off (bring your BSA Handbook).  These will be conducted during the swim check times, so please plan to stay for these. Each person swimming needs to complete the attached waiver form and bring it on April 17 (unless you are a member of GAC). The Troop will be paying the cost of $5 per person, however if you are a member of GAC, please use your membership card. You may leave after your swim check and other requirements (if applicable) are completed.  Here is a staggered schedule for start times by patrol (adults may come at any time):

7:30 – Platinum Sharks (formerly Beavers) – new Scouts

7:45 – Cobalt Foxes

8:00 – Phoenix

8:15 – Tortugas

At the front desk, just inform them you are with Boy Scout Troop 48, then look for Mr. Frederick Lee or other Troop representative at the information desk to turn in waiver forms to him before going downstairs to the pool to see Mr. Bo Hormberg. Parents who want to go to the pool area but not swim may come in also with no charge and no waiver form. Dads who are swimming need to complete a waiver form unless a GAC member.


Summer Adventure – July 14-16

The Troop’s Summer Adventure trip will be July 14-16 to New Orleans via Amtrak train, visiting The National WWII Museum. The cost of the trip will be $125 per person, and sign-up and a $100 deposit are due on April 24. The drop-off and pick-up will be at the Amtrak train station downtown, very early on that Saturday morning, and very late on the Monday evening when they return, so those going on the trip may want to arrange carpooling. If you have any questions concerning the trip, please contact Mr. Frederick Lee.


Health and Medical Records for Scouts and Adults – Part C Forms due April 24

  • Parts A and B of the Health form are past due – please turn these in to Mr. Ralph as soon as possible if you have not already
  • Part C of the Health form requires a physical and must be signed by a certified and licensed health-care provider, so make your doctor appointments now if you haven’t already
  • Forms can be found at this link: 
  • Please TURN IN (2) COPIES of Part C by April 24 to Mr. Ralph and also keep a copy for your home records. This allows Mr. Ralph to send copies in advance to the Camp Nurse and still have a copy in his possession for quick reference. 

Awards Court of Honor – April 24

All Scouts and their families are invited to attend our Awards Court of Honor on April 24 at 7 PM in the chapel. Parents, please plan to attend this meeting. We’ll have information on the God and Church and God and Life programs that will be offered by Faith Presbyterian Church. Refreshments will be served in the Scout room after the meeting. Also, several payments and health forms are due that night, so please come prepared:

  • Skymont summer camp (June 9-16) - final payments are due - $30 for Scouts and $25 for Adults if the first two deposits have been paid. The total cost is $180 per Scout and $85 per adult, which are subsidized by the Troop. All adults attending Skymont must be BSA registered adults. Please see Kim Ridenhour if you would like to register.
  • Summer Adventure (July 14-16 New Orleans trip) - deposit of $100 per person and sign-up is due
  • May Canoe trip (May 4-6) - $40 fee per person and sign-up is due (only those who pass the swim check as BSA Swimmer (not Beginner) may sign up)
  • 2 copies of Health Forms Part C that require a physician’s signature are due to Mr. Ralph


Church Service Project – Saturday, April 28

We need all Scouts to attend this service project, so please plan to be at the church from 9 am to 2 pm to help paint the wrought-iron fencing, lunch will be provided.  Wear old clothes for painting – the paint will not be able to be washed out. If you cannot attend, please let your patrol leader know.


Upcoming Events 

Apr 13-15 – April Campout – Camporee

Apr 16 – Patrol Leaders’ Council Meeting – 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Apr 17 – Swim Check – 7 PM – 9PM, Germantown Athletic Club (No Troop Meeting) – bring waiver form unless GAC member

Apr 24 – Awards Court of Honor / Part C Health Forms Due

Apr 24 – Skymont final payments due

Apr 24 – Summer Adventure $100 deposit due

Apr 24 – $40 due for May canoe trip

Apr 28 – Troop Service Project at Church – 9 AM to 2 PM

May 4-6 – May campout – Canoe trip


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